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The Creator of Investing For Retirement Online Course

Investing For Retirement™ was developed by Tom Schaber, a retired university professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, to help people who are confused about handling their own retirement planning.

Tom  was appalled at the investment advice given by “professionals”. In most cases, the advice comes at a heavy, albeit hidden, price. (See Ameriprise Financial Advisor)

Here, in his own words, are his credentials that will help you have faith in our online course:

  1. I have an MBA in finance from the University of Cincinnati.

  2. I have a Ph.D. in Operations Research; i.e. computer modeling from U.C. My research in portfolio analysis relied heavily on my ability to do computer modeling.

  3. I have passed the series 65 exam which is required by most U.S. states for individuals who act as investment advisors.

  4. I was licensed with Modern Portfolio Management  to give investment advice but  allowed my license to expire because I had other interests. I have regained my desire to help but not my legal certification .

  5. Professional Certification from The Geneva Finance Research Institute housed in the   Universite De Geneve , Switzerland.

    a. Understanding Financial Markets  (syllabus)
    b. Securing Investment Returns in the Long Run
    c. Meeting Investors’ Goals  (syllabus)
    d. Portfolio and Risk Management  (syllabus)


  6. I started investing in 1962 when I was 22. I bought Ampex and RCA because they made home tape recorders and I thought home tape recorders were the future and Ampex and RCA were the dominant players in the market. I have been a student of, and invested in, the stock market for many years.

  7. Before my enlightenment, I made many costly mistakes in an attempt to “beat the market”. It has taken awhile for me to reach the state of mind that I can now pass on to you. All the stupid stuff I did in my previous, unenlightened years has been filtered out of the strategy I now employ and teach. It is pure.

  8. I am retired and financially independent.  I do not work on commission or “Assets Under Management” – i.e. license to steal.  I charge a fixed, one time only fee. I don’t need or want your money for every year you own a portfolio that I developed.  Just enough to compensate me for my time spent with you and something for the value of the information I have presented to you.

The education and advice that I give is supported with evidence that it will work. I want to save you from those investment advisors who have to make a living selling you advice. They would NEVER give you the advice that you will learn from me.

I am so passionate about this that I am happy to be called at home to give more help or answer questions.

Tom Schaber
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